Fresh and Fast Classic American Food

With seven great locations and our famous hot dog chili for sale at your local grocery store, you’re never far from a dining experience that is pure Americana. Enjoy our classic hot dogs, made-to-order Black Angus burgers, hand cut french fries, homemade cole slaw and thick milkshakes – while surrounded by great American nostalgia.

Seven Convenient West Virginia Locations!

Tasty Tuesday Highlights Dave’s Famous T and L Hot Dogs!

“My chili was simply very, very fresh. The buns were perfectly done as far as steaming goes, and it didn’t hurt that they tasted ridiculously fresh as well.”

“It’s comfort food personified.”  – Read the review in the West Virginia Hot Dog Blog

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“I had the best chili dog in my life here. I think the dog was great and the steamed bun was a nice addition, but the hot homemade chili “sauce” was outstanding. I didn’t even want or need any other toppings.”

Yelp Reviewer

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